02 Jun

The Science of Learning

What does the research say? This is the question I constantly ask myself when I’m designing training. In this ILEETA Journal Spring 2022 article I look at some of the research on effective training. 22_02_Spring-2nd-Edition_Avery-1Download
22 Oct

Building a Better Mousetrap

In this ILEETA Journal article I write about some of the key theories currently making waves in the world of adult learning. Can you incorporate any of these in to your programs? Fall_2021_TheoryDownload
21 Oct

Testing 1,2,3

In the fall 2020 edition of the ILEETA Journal I wrote an article on testing and how it can improve the efficacy of your training. Read the article here: Fall-3rd-Edition-2020_TestingDownload
19 Jun

Online Learning

In this article, published in the ILEETA Journal (2020) I provide an overview of online learning, the options, and considerations for the distance format. 2020_2_-Spring-Edition_OnlineLearningDownload
27 Sep

Blue Dot Effect ILEETA Article

In the Fall 2019 edition of the ILEETA Journal I wrote about a series of psychological tests and the potential impact on the training imprint. I’d love to hear what you think. Fall-3rd-Edition-2019-Blue-Dot-EffectDownload