Training Design Program


A well executed training program doesn’t happen by mistake. This series of 5 e-learning modules takes you through the design and development process. If you’re a subject matter expert moving in to training this program will save you time and make your courses more effective. The law enforcement version is now available! 


Customer Review

“I believe that the Odin Training Solutions Inc. “Law Enforcement Instructor Training Program” provides an excellent foundation in adult education for new instructors, while also serving as a great refresher for those with more experience. Personally, I have taken a great deal from this course and plan to refer back to my notes whenever I am creating new content or reviewing our existing program.”  Chris Hutchinson

Police One Interview on Blended Learning

Interview with Brian Willis of Winning Mind Training



Training Talk

Training and the Infinite Game

I am going to start a series of posts to share articles published in the International Law Enforcement Educators and...

Effects of a Line of Duty Death on Spouses

Effects of a Line of Duty Death on Spouses

Everyone knows there are risks involved with being a first responder, and nothing brings that closer to home than a...

Learning Revolution

How much has technology changed your life in the last 10 to 20 years? Advances in technology have changed many...

Listening Isn’t Learning

As an adult learner, you can use your own experience to understand the basics of how we learn. This video...

Power of Words

In this video I go beyond training and explore the way language is used to influence. Let me know your...

Room Layout

This short video discusses an area of training facilitation which impacts learning but is often left to the whatever is...

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I will assess your needs, advise on options for delivering training, and develop an evidence-based training program. I am available to assess existing courses or develop a new program. I bring over a decade of experience in organizational learning, and seven years working specifically with law enforcement training, and a Masters degree in education. 

Instructor Training

I was working in a call centre, and was offered an opportunity to transfer to the training unit. Being a subject matter expert asked to teach something you know is how most of us end up working in training. While we bring a wealth of subject matter knowledge to the class, most of us have no background in education. Developing and teaching new hire training was exhilarating but I quickly realized I had no idea what I was doing. I started studying adult education in a university certificate program. Learning and understanding the theory helped me, but what I longed for in the beginning is someone to just tell me how to do this job (training vs. education). I couldn’t find anything that did this, and now I’m creating the instructor development programs I wish I had in the beginning. Please contact me if you’re looking for a practical evidence based instructor development program. If you have a team or a group looking for a custom program, I’d be happy to work with you to develop and facilitate a session for you!  


 Whiteboard Video

Whiteboard drawing videos are proven to increase retention. We can create a custom video for your business or training program.