Most people get into training because they had knowledge and skills from experience on the job, and then were asked or decided to teach others what they know. Facilitating learning goes beyond knowing the topic. Adult learning has over 60 years of research which provide a foundation of principles, theories, and methodologies. Instructor training prepares people to facilitate with an overview of the key theories, an explanation of how they are applied in training, and practical application.

The online instructor development program provides an introduction to the instructional design process in a just in time format, meaning it is available when you need it and you can go through it at your own pace. You can also request a custom-designed workshop or presentation to address the specific needs of your instructors or training unit.

Past projects

  • One hour presentation for supervisors on developing skills for new employees;
  • A two-day workshop on training design and facilitation;
  • Three-hour presentation on best practices in online learning.

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